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Human Resources

Talent Concept


Human Resources Management Principles

"Fairness" and "justice" are the company's human resource management principles, including:

Treat all people fairly-respect all and provide equal opportunities for all;

Respect every employee, help everyone make full use of their abilities, talents and uniqueness, so as to maximize their potential and make the greatest contribution;

Carefully design and manage work and each workplace to ensure that there is no discrimination;

Treat everyone fairly and maintain a good and harmonious employee relationship;

Recognize employees for their contributions and reward them.


"Open recruitment, strict assessment, and selective recruitment" are the company's principles for recruiting employees.

Recruitment Guide

Recruitment procedure: Resume delivery → Resume screening → Notification of interview → Interview passing→ Recruitment→ New employee training → Training passing → Arrange for employment → Sign a contract with the company

Remarks: Applicants need to prepare personal resumes, recent photos and copies of academic certificates, qualification certificates, ID cards, etc., indicating the position to be applied for. The resume review contents mainly include academic qualifications and work experience.

1. Send your resume to Please be sure to indicate the position you are applying for on your resume.

2. Log in to the company's website directly, click on the recruitment information, and deliver your resume.

3. Mail your personal resume (please indicate the position you are applying for), recent full-face bareheaded photo, copies of relevant certificates such as ID card, academic qualification, degree certificates and relevant qualification certificates by mail to the company's Administrative Personnel Department.

(If the resume primarily selected meets the basic requirements of our relevant positions, and we will further arrange a time for an interview with you).

Company Address: East Section, Changhong Road, Tangyin County, Anyang City, Henan Province Post Code: 456150

Contact Department: Administrative Personnel Department Tel: +86-372-6205785

Instructions for Employees:

1. After employees are employed, the company will pays five social insurances and one housing fund for employees.

2. The company provides free working meals for staff.

3. The company provides housing and living allowances for talents with doctor and master degree and externally recruited personnel at the middle and high layer.

4. The company provides the paid leave higher than the national standard.

Training and Development

Training is the largest benefit provided by the company to employees. The company has a three-level training system: company-level, center-level, and department-level training.

According to the business needs of different departments and employee career development plans, employees are transferred and promoted internally.


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