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Application of xylitol in chemical industry

Application of xylitol in chemical industry

Xylitol and xylose can be as chemical raw materials. Xylitol can be for producing surfactants and alkyd resins. In the tanning industry, get a colorless leather tanning agent by inhibition. Xylitol has good moisturizing properties and high compatibility so it can replace glycerol and apply in daily chemical industry to produce skin care products. In addition, xylitol can also be mixed with xylooligosaccharides as the humectant that be sprayed on the tobacco to keep the moistness of the tobacco.     Xylitol-based glucoside, xylitol, and anhydroxylitol are innovative structural moisturizing active ingredients developed by the French company Seppic, which are compose of xylitol-based glucoside of 30-50%,anhydroxylitol of 20-35% and xylitol of 3-20%. This combination gets a new type of moisturizer which has the function of moisturizing and rebuilding skin structure. It can promote the increase of skin hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfatem ,and the moisture content of the epidermis, improve the content of ceramide synthesis, strengthen the skin barrier, and reduce water loss.     Xylose can be as a raw material of xylitol, hydrogenated and catalyzed to produce xylitol, which is what we often call raw material grade xylose.  In addition, xylose can also be used to produce glycoside glycerol, such as ethylene glycol xyloside , xyloside and do on.
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