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Application of xylitol in beverages

Application of xylitol in beverages

      Xylitol is widely used in beverages, involving many different types of beverages, including dairy products, milk beverages, protein beverages, plant beverages, functional beverages, solid beverages, eight-treasure porridge and other products. Different types satisfy different groups of people. Demand. Application of xylitol in beverages       Ordinary beverages are generally made by adding sucrose and a certain amount of acid and other ingredients. Sugar-free beverages can be combined with xylitol and maltitol in a ratio of 1:1 under low temperature conditions to achieve a soft and mellow taste of the finished beverage. , No need to add any high-strength sweeteners, the finished product is refreshing and pleasant. Xylitol can be compounded with other sugar alcohols and fructose, and can also be used alone in sugar-free tea beverages, fruit juice beverages and health beverages. In addition, xylitol can also control the caloric value, stabilize and protect the nutrients from damage, and improve the aftertaste, plastid and cooling sensation of beverages. Application of xylitol in alcohol and health products     It can be used as a wine additive to improve the quality of wine. Japanese research believes that adding 0.15% to 3% xylitol can improve the color, aroma and taste of wine. For example, adding 0.13% of xylitol to synthetic alcohol instead of glucose can make the sake fragrant and mellow, the sweetness is soft, and it has the characteristics of reducing microbial corruption. A similar result was achieved by adding 0.15% to 2% xylitol to whiskey. Adding 1.15% of xylitol to liquor can make liquor taste smooth and mellow. my country's Baoding Distillery applies xylitol to Red Grain Daqu with an amount of 1% as a flavoring agent. According to the evaluation, the fragrance is richer and fuller than before, the taste is mellow, and the aftertaste is sweet and long. Xylitol is also favored by the health care products and health food industries due to its rich functionality, and is widely used in health care products such as tablets. Application of Xylitol in Yogurt     As a new type of functional factor that can improve gastrointestinal function, xylitol has very high functional characteristics and is a promising functional additive factor. Sugar-free yogurt made with xylitol, because of the nutritional value of milk, can promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria and the digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as improve human immunity and other health care functions, it has become more and more popular among middle-aged and children Dairy products. And because of its weight loss effect, it is especially popular among women. If jams, fruit pieces, natural pigments and flavors are added to make yogurt with different flavors, it can meet the needs of consumers with different tastes for nutrition and health care. Sugar-free beverages such as xylitol have become the development trend of the industry. People are more inclined to buy low-sugar or sugar-free beverages while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.
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