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Sugar-free Polydextrose


Sugar-free Polydextrose

Sugar-free Polydextrose  

Sugar-free polydextrose is made from glucose by hydrogenation reaction, ion exchange and spray drying.

Characteristics of Yusweet sugar-free polydextrose

1.Retain the advantages of polydextrose.

2.The glucose content is further reduced after hydrogenation, the content is below 0.5g/100g, reaching the standard of sugar-free polydextrose.

3Through ion exchange and other purification treatment, remove the reaction byproducts, pigments and metal ions, so that the product quality is more stable, the appearance and  taste are more pure.

Application of sugar-free polydextrose

  1.Take place of polydextrose, it can besafely used in sugar-free food while keeping the advantages of polydextrose.

2.Help customers to improve the formula and product stability.

3.Sugar-free polydextrose +polyols filling sugar-free sweeteners, while supplement dietary fiber, can also increase the product sweetness, giving the product good texture and drinking mellowness.  



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Sugar-free Polydextrose



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