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Erythritol is a natural sweetener with zero calories and refreshing sweetness, which is widely used in food industry, and have broad application prospects.


Zero Sugar, Zero Calories

Erythritol called "zero-calorie" ingredient, only has 0-0.2kcal/g and is an excellent ingredient for zero-sugar beverages.

Refreshing sweetness: The sweetness of erythritol is 70%-80% of that of sucrose, with pure sweetness and refresh cool feeling, no bitterness after taste.

Meet functional requirements:

Not raise blood glucose: With 0 glycemic index, erythritol cannot cause fluctuation of plasma glucose and insulin and is suitable for diabetics

Anti-caries: The oral bacteria cannot ferment erythritol and produce acid to erode the teeth, so it doesn’t cause dental caries

High tolerance: Erythritol is the most tolerated sugar alcohol. After entering the body, most are excreted in urine and don’t cause abdominal distension or diarrhea

Erythritol application


Beverages: Erythritol can improve overall taste of beverages, including the sweetness, thickness and smoothness. And it is the best sweetener for zero-sugar beverages.

Candy and ice cream: With zero sugar, zero calorie, cooling and high tolerance, erythrtiol can be applied to candy and ice cream to improve the taste and reduce the sugar content. It is suitable for diabetics and obese people

Yogurt: Erythritol can inhibit lactic acid fermentation in yogurt and control the increase in sourness Baked food: Erythritol can be used in baked foods to reduce the sugar content, improve baking stability and extend the shelf life of foods

Coated food: With a low melting point and low hygroscopicity, erythrtiol can be used in coated foods, health products, and tablets. It can prevent moisture and extend the shelf life.

Pharmaceutical: coated tablets, effervescent tablets, compressed tablets and Medicine lozenge.

Chemical: high molecular polymer components and additives, moisturizing ingredients in skin care, organic synthetic intermediates.


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